The secure exchange of information for the nation's critical infrastructure.

CoreSHIELD provides a robust online platform to local, state and federal government agencies that are responsible for homeland security and protecting the public.

Real Results Everyday.

A place where you can build virtual communities for sharing information, collaborating and managing response.

CORE Concept

CoreSHIELD is a portal enviroment that provides shared functionality and databases to a suite of portal applications related to public safety and national infrastructure protection, enabling secure collaboration, communication, training, and data sharing among users.

Groups made easy.

Workgroups are private, secure sandboxes for users to share information within. Each group has admins who safely control the installed applications, users, and more, eliminating reliance on IT personnel.


CoreSHIELD learns over time, and provices content based upon your interests and activities, focusing the information firehose to a manageable stream.

About CoreSHIELD

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